Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Garth Brooks Writing a ScreenPlay

Garth Brooks is writing a Screenplay.

Or is he???

On Studio G, in the Ask Garth, segment, someone
ask him about writing and Garth replied that he goes
to another dimension when writing screenplays.

That he laughs out loud at 2am when writing the

So can we expect a movie from Garth? Was this
just something to get people talking.  Is Garth
actually writing a movie, or will this just be
something that will never get mentioned

If it's a movie, I hope its a thriller, I hope it's
hard hitting, I dont want some cheese fest  life
time movie channel BS.

Garth is an amazing writer, if he does do a movie,
I would expect it to blow people away.

So is he writing or not?

Fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.

Monday, April 16, 2018

One Year ago: The End of the North American LEG of the World Tour

About one year ago, Garth Brooks started sending
out wee video clips, prior to announcing what USA
city will be next on his, ahem, WORLD TOUR.

In the video clip on his Twitter and Facebook, the
words appeared  "The End of the North American

A year later and your overseas fans are still waiting
for the START  of the overseas LEG of the world

Garth is expected to make an annoucement on Studio
G  the week after Stage Coach.

If Garth say's,  plans have changed, and he is just going
to a few Stadiums in the USA and not play outside the USA,
I'm okay with that.

Of course if he annouces overseas date's, I will be thrilled.

But if he gives the same answer of "We don't know we are in
talks" or doesn't mention it at all, I will never trust anything
he says again.

That will be simply unfair to his overseas fans.

Time will tell.

Tall Ferns Tournament Stats

Bygate 6/10 60%
Zillings 1/2 50%
Hunter 18/44 40%
Toni 17/38 44%
Cocks 33/74 44%
Walker 26/66 39%
 Paalvast 13/36 36%
Taylor 24/68 35%
Stockhill 7/23 35%
Rooney 5/16 31%
Purcell 12/44 27%
Franklin 0/4 0%

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tall Ferns Win Bronze

Congrats to the Tall Ferns for winning Bronze
against Canada at the  CW Games.

The team bounced back after getting walloped
by Australia in the semi.

M. Cocks once again led the way and had to
be player of the tournament, her class shined thru.

Where to now for the Tall Ferns,  they must look
at our players overseas, the gulf between us and
Australia was horrible, the local players just dont
have the competition to improve their game, they
must get to the states or Europe or Asia, that is the
only way we can at least compete with the powerhouses.

That's for the future though, in the mean time, I hope the
Tall Ferns enjoy their bronze medal.

Well done to them!!

Tall Fern Stats Thru Five Games

Toni  13/30           43% 
Bygate   6/9        66%
Zillings 1/2           50%
Hunter  17/38      44%                                                                                                                                                                                     
 Cocks 26/60        43%      
Paalvast 12/33    36%
Rooney 5/14     35%                                                      
 Walker 19/54      35%   
Stockhill  6/18          33%                                                        
Taylor   18/55          32%   
 Purcell 10/35           28%
 Franklin 0/4            0%  


Tall Fern Stats Against Australia

Cocks 4/12 30% 
Purcell 2/7 28%
 Hunter 3/3 100%
Toni 1/5 20%
 Taylor 3/7 42%
Paalvast 1/8 12%
 Bygate 0/2 0%
Stockill 1/4 25%
Walker 4/12 33%

Tall Ferns Walloped by Australia 109-50

Ya cant sugar coat it, ya can't get positives from
it, this was a hiding, this was embarrassing, I
was so nervous before this match, I didn't watch
the start, then I saw twitter people suggesting
we were playing brilliantly, we weren't.

Not sure about some twitter comments, they seem
to be over the top, but I have been guilty of that too.

If you want the Tall Ferns to compete on a International
level, send the young players, the players who are
16/17 years of age to the USA, have them play a season
or two of AAU, where they can compete against the
best young players on the planet.

It's not going to do them any good to play their last
year of high school and score 40 points against
Linwood High school  or Porirua  High School.

If the player has talent, have them go against the
best 16/17 year olds from New York, New Jesery,
Philly or CT.  They will also be seen by the top
college scouts.

Seriously this cannot happen again.

If you want to be the best, you have to play against the

Hopefully those running NZ Basketball will figure this out.

Time will tell.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tall Ferns To play Australia in the Semis

The Tall Ferns have to find the best shooters,
they have to pass the ball quick, they have to
find open players,  they have to play tough tough tough
defense,  New Zealand has never beaten Australia,
but this team has a great mixture,  my fingers and toes
are crossed, will we win...

Time will tell.



Monday, April 9, 2018

Tall Ferns go 3-0

Tall Ferns go 3-0 in pool play,  great passing, solid
scoring, and standout performances  has seen them
breeze thru pool play.

Micaela Cocks has been the standout player for
New Zealand, but praise must also be heaped on the
coach for using his bench.

Basketball in NewZealand can be quite insular and
there can be calls on social media that the focus should
be on one or two players, this team though has over half
a dozen players standing out.

The pressure to get a  medal is going to be huge,  the
players have to keep their heads, can we do it?

One thing that has to happen, is players must not only look for
the open player, but look for the player that is shooting hot  Sure
you can say hey I score between 10-15 points,  but if you are
shooting below  30%, that doesnt help, and I hope the players
have the maturity to realize this.

So bring on the knockout stages, and go the Tall Ferns.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Tall Ferns Beat Malaysia

What a way to start the Commonwealth games.

The Tall Ferns thrashed Malaysia 86-44.  A total
team effort.  Cocks lead the way with 15 points,
along with Stockill who scored 13.

Charlisse Leger-Walker   scored nine points from 4/13
shooting and also grabbed 5 rebounds, and handled
her first international game well.

Standout player though had to be Purcell, grabbing 12
massive boards,  she is the key for a medal for the Tall

The shooting stats are below.

 Cocks 15pts 6/17 35%
 Stockill 13pts 4/4 100%
 Edmonson 11 pts 3/9 33%
Palvast 9 Pts 3/8 38%
Walker 9 pts 4/13 31%
Hunter 8 pts 3/7 43%
Taylor 6 pts 2/8 25%
Bygate 6 Pts 2/2 100%

Every game for the Tall Ferns, now get harder and harder.
The semi which should be against England or Canada may
be a step too far, but if we can improve our field goal percentage
which isnt brilliant, we should at least be playing for a
Bronze medal, which will be a fantastic achievement.

Which of course will lead to finally more funding and the
growth of Women's Basketball in New Zealand.

Lets go TALL FERNS!!!

Friday, March 23, 2018

NZ Basketballer Charlisse Leger-Walker Too Young Or Not To Young

The Tall Ferns squad got named today for the
Commenwealth Games.

The team was a mixture of young and old,
players either based in New Zealand or
Australia, with one NCAA D1 player thrown
in and a European based player.

The surprise selection must of been  Charlisse
Leger-Walker, it was a surprise,  not because of her
playing ability, but her age, she is just 16
years old.

I've  been diplomatic with my thoughts on this,
on blogs and thru out social media, if I'm truly honest
 I'm in two minds.  Charlisse Leger-Walker has been
watched by New Zealand Basketball for a few years,
her older sister Krystal plays NCAA D1, her mother is
a coach of one of the youth teams, the Basketball media
has been tweeting and writing about her for a few years.

She has dominated High school Basketball in New Zealand,
and has played in our own Women's  U23 league,  although it's
not really a league, a few weekends a year, they hold

So is she ready for the step up??

I myself, have a family member playing NCAA D1, and
the difference between how she played at 16 and how she
plays now is unbelievable. So can Charlisse Leger-Walker
 make the grade against International players,  some who must be
college bound.

She has the drive and the work ethic,  but the nagging bit
of doubt in my head is, that most of Charlisse's experience's
has come playing in New Zealand at the high school level,
where it can be kinda insular, she scored a lot of points at the
high school champs, also took a  lot of shots in doing so.

I hope this isnt a Ken Rutherford type thing, where she is
thrown in too early.

Here's hoping there will be no doubt when she takes the court,
and maybe just maybe, she can show up Australia!!

For me, no matter what type of tournament she has, she has to
get to the USA, she has to play a year of AAU before college,
the way you beat the best, is to play the best, there is really
no point in having her play another year of High School in
New Zealand.

So good luck to the Tall Ferns for the CW's, heres hoping
they have a great tournament.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Garth Brooks Supports March for our Lives and Emma Gonzalez

On Garth's Studio G today, he got political.

He mentioned  March for our Lives and had a
special message for Emma Gonzalez, he told
her not to listen to the haters, and gave her a
special message, he sang a verse from a song
he hadn't recorded before and told her...

To matter then, it must matter now.

A wonderful message to a wonderful young lady.